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Delivering the highest caliber of service
Excellence Guaranteed

Every step I take is taken with compassion, absolute care, and complete respect for your family heirlooms. All is held confidential.

While working I always keep in mind that items I discover you might want to save for future generations. I will safely put them aside for you to decide if you want to include them in the estate liquidation.


In addition to preparing and staging the interior contents of an estate ahead of the event, the sale will be advertised through key websites, digital and print advertising, strategic signage and announcements to my 3,000+ database of collectors and dealers ensuring a high volume of buyers for your estate sale maximizing profits.

My services in your home begin with you knowing if you need to have an Estate Sale. The answer is yes - if you have a substantial quantity of quality items to sell, or if you need to divide an estate equally, then it is your best choice.  An Estate Sale will generate more profit for you than you trying to conduct a yard sale or selling all the contents to one buyer.  Because I am a Certified Personal Property Appraiser I will serve you best with knowledgeable pricing on your estate items. 

It is most important for you to NOT throw anything away before allowing me to see what is there. You might throw away something that you have no idea has a value. As a professional it is best for me to decide what needs to be thrown away. Free Basic Cleaning is a part of my service. Do not overwhelm yourself with trying to clean the home. Let me worry with any cleaning needed. Just simply leave it alone. To begin with I carefully sort through items room by room. I clean the rooms as I go. I clean the items, organize the items as I price, design and stage placement as well as stage the entire home for maximum profits. There is no need to burden yourself with any clean up. I have pretty much seen everything so there is no need to be embarrassed if things are in disarray.


It does not matter if you have antiques, collectibles, ordinary items or new items. All items are wanted by someone so don’t let someone tell you something does not sell! It might not be the same as years past but everything has a value. There is no reason to ignore anything!

In order to get in my sale line up schedule, it is best to schedule your sale as quickly as possible. I take my time researching and preparing properly for each sale in that each is unique. The sale typically occurs in about a month or six weeks of being given the key. Some have taken up to three months to prepare. It all depends on the number of other booked sales, how much preparation is necessary for your sale or the quantity of contents in your home, and what I am asked to do within the home.  If you have a really full house and out buildings it could take a while. I understand that there are times that a sale needs to happen faster or there are unmitigated circumstances. I do my best to accommodate such instances. But, to be quite honest, if at all possible , I believe conducting your sale ahead of the home being placed for sale keeps the pressure off of selling your heirlooms at a distressed price. If this arrangement can’t take place I try my best to accommodate you with your needs through all instances.

Organization of Sale

I Control The Number of Buyers In The House

Locked Display Cases

for Special Items

Organized Holding Table & Wrapping Service

Check Out with a Receipt

Professional Security 

(If Necessary)

End of Sale:

Broom Clean Empty Home

Accounting/Settlement Presented

Normally Within Ten Business Days

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