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Exceptional Service while placing knowledgeable value to your assets

I offer over 25 years of extensive experience conducting estate sales for individuals, and heirs. My goal is to insure that clients' possessions realize the greatest return possible. I am a Certified Personal Property Appraiser holding a current certificate from CAGA the oldest and largest group of Certified Personal Property Appraisers in the country and is North America’s # 1 trainer of Personal Property Appraisers. It is an arm of the Missouri Auction School, founded in 1905. CAGA has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, the Times of London, England, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC news.


I handle a sale with a professional——and compassionate——approach to my clients' estate needs.


I offer free on-site consultations and explain the sale-preparation process. I will utilize my experience and ongoing appraisal education to determine individual pricing, and if needed, consign select pieces to appropriate high end specialty auction houses.

In addition to preparing and staging the interior contents of an estate for the days of the event. Sale will be advertised through key websites, digital and print advertising, strategic signage and announcements from my 3,000+ database of collectors and dealers ensuring a high volume of buyers for your estate sale.

Depending on the size of the estate to maximize profits I conduct the sale over the course of two weekends

(six - eight days) with a minimum of seven hour days. This allows more exposure to your items and more time

to gradually reduce prices if needed. I never automatically reduce all items. Any item over $100 is handled in a different manner.


Frances did an exceptional job of taking care of our parents' estate. She knows her job, is very efficient and hard working, and earns every bit of  her income. You can feel comfortable turning over an estate sale to her.

Marsha C

My family engaged Frances to help us with the contents of our Parent’s home in Hurtsboro. She did a great job. She was very professional and very knowledgeable about the value of antiques and other household items. She  put a lot of time into the preparation of the sale. Cleaned and displayed the contents in an attractive manner.

The response to the sale was overwhelming especially considering the sale was in Hurtsboro.

I recommend her services and would use  her again.


Buddy C


Frances handled the sale of the contents of my Mother's house when she had to leave her home due to illness. Frances was recommended by a close friend of my Mother's and it was such a gift to be able to trust someone with this huge task. Neither my sister nor I were local and we didn't want to spend our time visiting our Mother by clearing out her house. Frances did a great job, kept us informed of the progress and also made sure she got us family photographs and mementos that we had overlooked. I highly recommend her to handle estate sales. Not only was she professional, but  she is personable and very pleasant to deal with.

Leneta K

Frances was extremely helpful in assessing my parent's estate. She was a true professional and made an emotional time much easier. I would highly recommend Frances.

Kyle L

CONCERNED FAMILY MEMBER, The situation you find yourself in "is what it is" a home full of items; memories at every turn; a feeling of being overwhelmed by the task that feels monumental in its scope and complexity. You need support from folks you have never needed help from before and feel lost in finding those special people... consider

accepting assistance from Frances.  Our mother's estate wasn't big, nor small. We spoke to various estate "liquidators" and the one we found most accommodating to our needs was Frances. She was very responsive to our initial request for information, provided a thorough walk-thru of the home, and outlined a strategy for processing the possessions within. The contract presented was simple and clear, leaving little to be unknown ...

Our family found Frances a blessing in our time of need and can't express our gratitude strongly enough.


Stephen M

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